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Here is what our trade partners say:


We have been doing all gutter and downspout work for Esme DeLange at Incline Investments for several years.  Our business relationship has evolved into one of total trust and respect. Esme simply tells us to go do the necessary gutter repair or replacement to bring the house up to code, and we do it.  Payment is always made promptly.  In short, we do a good job for Incline Investments, and they treat us with the utmost respect.  It is business done the old fashioned way.  I have been in the gutter business for over thirty years and have come to know many builders and general contractors.  Esme is one of the most trustworthy and reliable I have ever met.  I have total confidence that she will live up to her end of any business agreement.
Jon Quesenberry | Owner Rainguard Seamless Gutter, Inc. 


Esme, in spite of the situation being incredibly challenging and less financially rewarding than expected, you were the consummate professional and paid complete attention to every detail. Thank you so much!
Brian Moody | Owner Cougar Holdings, LLC


It was a pleasure working with your business in 2015. You guys are the best company in town. Thank you for letting us work with your business.
Elias Martinez | Owner GEM Landscaping


It has been truly great to have and continue to work with Incline Investments.  Tony and Esme are always in great spirits and are a joy to do business with.  The finished products are always beautiful and we'll crafted.  I would recommend anyone contemplating doing business with Incline Investments to do so.  Look forward to continue to grow with them as well.
Daniel R Stovall | Owner Rock 'n Roll-offs, Ltd.


The Pro Services Department would like thank you and your entire team for the business we have done together this year and has enjoyed working with you on all the remodel projects and your new build that you built this past year. The projects we have seen and heard comments from other contractors have shown a high quality work and professionalism. We look forward to working with you and your team on projects for 2016/2017  and offer you any assistance we can to make this year a successful and ongoing collaboration throughout this year.
Eric Newman
Pro Services Specialist
4880 North Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, Co 80918


I am more than happy to provide a short paragraph about Incline Investments. As their garage door contact I can say that this company is professional in all respects. Whenever Esme purchases a  new property she has me look at it and do an evaluation of what needs to be done. Be it just service, replacing the opener, or replacing the door and opener. She doesn't just  throw money at a situation, but takes the most professional route to make  that product work efficiently and look good while at the same time respecting her budget. Not to mention that her vision for the finished product is uncanny. She turns out a home anyone would want to live in.
Steve Haynes
merican Overhead Door
4336 N. Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80907


We work with many home builders, flippers, real estate agents and general contractors and Esme at Incline Investments is always one of our favorites! She has always given us enough time and a layout to make sure her job is complete according to her back end schedule. Esme knows our busy schedule and plans accordingly which we rarely see in anyone else. Someone is always available if we have questions about her jobs. Her projects always turn out gorgeous!

Builders Custom Counter
4735 Town Center Dr, Suite E
Colorado Springs, CO 80916
(719) 573-6179