Incline Homes



Incline Homes, LLC. a division of Incline Investments was formed in 2014 and focus on the design and construction of personalized, high quality homes.

Each Incline Homes home takes the very best of building techniques, materials and craftsmanship to construct a beautiful home, resulting in a product that meets the budgetary objects, functional needs, and aesthetic preferences.


We take particular pride in the care with which our homes are designed and the attention to detail that goes into every step of the construction process.

Incline Homes uses the latest proven technologies in its homes and every home is built to 2009 IRC building codes, overseen and managed by a licensed general contractor. We design and engineer the foundations, wall assemblies, including beams, girders, and roof structures for stresses and loads encountered in this part of the country such as snow loads, wind loads, seismic activity, exposure to the sun and adverse weather, etc... and for energy efficiency and performance.

What you have when the last nail is set, the windows are cleaned, the carpets are vacuumed and the key is ready to be turned, is a lifetime investment to be proud of and cherish.

Incline Homes strive for to provide professionalism, high level of service and a quality product!