Affordable Housing

Our goal is to provide affordable/attainable housing to the workforce and retirees in our community that wants to own their own home. To satisfy this need, we are building 3 new single family homes in the Town of Silver Cliff. The houses will be 1056 sq ft with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The lot size will allow for later additions or a detached garage. 

All homes will have views of the beautiful mountains with a yard for kids and pets to play. These cute little homes will come with a 1 (one) year home warranty. 

Currently there is an amazing county loan program available to assist lower income buyers to own a brand new home! Depending on the circumstances this program might allow a 100% ,  zero down payment loan with subsidized interest rates. You do not need a perfect credit score to be eligible. The application process is very simple and to get qualified could take as little as 2 weeks!  Now is the time to get qualified and get into your own home and still have time to be part of the construction of your home!

In order to help keep the homes affordable we can assist with the purchase and save on commissions. The starting base price is $195,000.00. If buyers want to purchase the home before completion there will still be time to select own interior and or exterior finishes. Any upgrades however might affect the price. 

Contact us if you are interested! We can assist you in getting qualified if you are eligible. 

502 Direct Loan Program

The Upper Arkansas Area Council of Governments located in Canon City offers a Direct Loan Program that gives families with very low and low incomes the opportunity to buy, build, rehabilitate, improve, or relocate dwellings in rural areas. For more information and to find out if your are eligible visit the website at:





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